The Flex Samsung Having First Defects!

Samsung Flex

The Flex Samsung Having First Defects!

Not so long ago was published an article about the most expensive at the moment Samsung phone. Its price is $1980, which is explained by the presence of a bendable display, which allows you to turn the phone into a mini-tablet and vice versa. When the device was tested by journalists from different publications, they left mostly positive reviews.

But now the phone was subjected to a longer test (during the official presentation of the device, no one managed to hold the phone in their hands, journalists were forbidden to touch it), thanks to which they managed to identify not very pleasant moments.

  • The main drawback is that, over time, a kind of defect forms at the bend, a hall that can be viewed without any problems. Most likely, this problem can be eliminated only by the service centers or the company itself.

A problem was discovered by one of the YouTube users, in whose hands Galaxy Fold fell. However, it is not entirely clear what device is being tested – a prototype or a version that will soon appear on store shelves.

But be that as it may, the company claimed 200,000 guaranteed trouble-free flexion-extension cycles. No creases/folds should form, but they are formed, and after about 10,000 flexings (presumably).

The fact that the device was in the hands of a blogger is in itself strange since it is not sold anywhere, and as far as we know, dev-kits are also not available for private developers. The phone will be released only at the end of April of this year. In addition, it is unclear how many times the blogger folded and folded the phone before a fold appeared on the display.

Samsung Flex Photo 1
  • It is not too critical, for example, on a light background there are no problems. But the dark background makes the fold noticeable, so it immediately becomes clear that something is wrong. But the problem, in fact, is not the visibility of the defect, but the fact that it does exist – if the device costs about $2000, then any malfunctions or shortcomings become an extremely unpleasant surprise.

In addition to Fold, the South Korean company may soon release at least two more smartphone models with bendable screens. As for the current model, the corporation plans to sell at least 1 million bend smartphones this year. Perhaps it is this company that will be able to introduce a new type of gadgets into circulation and make such a form factor familiar. But, as mentioned above, not only Samsung is working on a folding device, and soon manufacturers of such devices may become even more – if other manufacturers are convinced of their profitability.