About Us

 Welcome to Smart Spate!

SmartSpate, a Toronto-based company was founded by the two Information Technology experts in 2016. We are passionate to guide and acknowledge our readers with Information technology topics and most related marketing tips.

The idea of creating this informative content was, slowly formed from our, own experience and knowledge that we gained throughout years of working in Information Technology industry.

We also provide video tutoring for all type of IT lovers. Who wish to get in practical knowledge that might help him/her with more detail focus on Information Technology Topics.

We truly believe that the social networking is making, a huge, impact on our lives. Sharing our thoughts, professional expertise, and simply your advice will help to all of us stay informed these days.




Alex Maison

Founder of Smart Spate, IT Expert/Web Developer/Content Marketer. His role involves creating work to the highest standards, supporting other members of the team, and researching techniques and systems to keep Smart Spate at the forefront of digital. He has an unhealthy love of IT and Online Marketing and enjoys exploring the ever changing world on online advertising. He also managed two IT start-ups over past two years. He has quickly gained a reputation as being a leader in both SEO and SEM marketing. Alex has carved out the directions that have to lead to Smart Spate achievements and accomplishments


Paul Brook

Paul BrookPaul is a professional full stack developer & IT Content Marketer. Developer by day and Content Marketer by night. He is the lead Developer and Content Marketer at www.smartspate.com. His passion for helping people in all aspects IT and Marketing flows through in the expert industry coverage he provides. In addition to IT, also provide technical SEO and copywriting services for business of all sizes.