What is considered as optimization techniques with SEO?

What is considered as the Normal in SEO what is Not?

Part 1

1. The magic of the dead search engine optimization techniques

  • At the dawn of the SEO blindly believed that keywords are power. And the more, the better. Many texts optimized signed this keyword density that this made them unreadable, but very attractive to search engine robots. Yahoo, today and especially Google, recommend using just a few keywords on the page, making thus the texts readable above all for people, but otherwise-sanctions.

  • Another example is a link to the home page. Earlier sought to get as many links to your home page, exactly what helped the overall situation of the site, as well as increase the TIC and PR. Now such tactics rather dangerous, rather than attractive. For example, Wikipedia falls on the first page of almost any request.

2. Innovative methods

  • They are good as experiments, but will not replace the traditional framework. To non-traditional promotion, techniques include, for example, campaigns in social networks. They say that social signals are becoming more force in search engine algorithms. All this is so, but so far there is no evidence of clear. Matt Cutts himself recently stated that Google + has no direct influence on ranking. Many bloggers and SEO professionals, however, continue to find evidence to the contrary. So, the site Webmasters.ru the author gives some examples where, in his opinion, just social factors affect the ranking results.

3. Aggressive techniques work

  • For example, the obsession with links. Links are still a major factor in ranking. However, first, the reference link and thanks to the revved up one link you climb the SERP, and the other is instantly perish from the index search engines. Secondly, if you get links aggressively every month and 100-200 pieces at the same time, the situation you may face the so-called reference explosion when search engines begin to doubt the genuineness of the received links and, as a consequence, impose sanctions.

  • American SEO-specialist Marcus Taylor decided to conduct an experiment to prove that reference explosion could cause a penalty from Google, as well as look at nature possible sanctions. To this end, he took one domain, published content and for 12:00 am got on him 10 000 references. Of course, 99% of them were of poor quality. As a result, the site got on top in SERP for the keyword developed (competitive) and stayed there for three weeks. But then it is not just lost position, and flew far beyond visibility even on branded queries, and this, as you know, was a bad sign.

4. Excessive honesty, correctness, and nobility

  • In books on SEO learn to use only white methods. Step left, step right up, and you flew like a cork from SERP. However, in the real world have to be sly, partly to keep the nose in the wind and be a general trend. On the market for goods and services not only the fittest survives, but also smartest, the one who knows where, how and what to turn to achieve a result without receiving the sanctions from search systems.

    Thus, Kommersant published a list of the most popular online stores. Did you know that 70% of them buy bundles links from link broker OV? But not only does not prevent but also, as you can see, it helps to be the successful projects in its area.

5. Sharp changes strategy

  • Let’s say you dramatically changed policy for the use of the resource. On one of the sites described history blog, which due to a drastic change of strategy of the 200 initially indexed pages eventually left with only 9. The new owner bought the promising blog worthy of 200 articles, good performance on PR and current citation index. However, he decided to achieve rapid success and instead of publishing high-quality positions began to publish short texts with links that often consisted of a set of words. Also, these books are not connecting in any way to the subject of the site. As a result, the blog is almost departing from the index Yahoo, and then Google.

6. Failure to keep high positions

  • The situation, when the site has achieved excellent posts in the SERP, then flew far beyond appearances, fairly standard. It is not necessary to use black tactics and that acting “white,” you have optimized the site, took him to the top position in SERP, excited. In SEO it is important not only to promote itself but also gains support. And it must be regularly updated content, new links, adding new pages. You must submit at least some signs of life search engines to ensure that they do not exclude you from the game.

  • On the site, you can find Nominate a myriad of abandoned domains: reference blogs money maker and other resources. If you also note the figures for TIC, PR, attendance sites, you will be able to understand their fate: whether they were created simply as donors if the optimization, was their support.

7. If you think you have nothing to lose, can happen most unsightly things

Sometimes site owners operate on the principle “what we fail,” creating a resource and applying all indiscriminately tactics to achieve rapid and tangible success. It is a company that does not value their reputation and that, if you fail with one site, immediately run the following.

So, some time ago the British company Citadel Insurance launched its website. Long before that, a site published in the first paragraph of text resource started actively buying links. As a result, literally three days after registration of the place was on the first page, overtaking even decadal resources with the published content. Site purchased about 130 links 000000, used only seven variations Ancora. As expected, after some time, the site fell into multiple pages, and then completely disappeared. But its owners, without thinking twice, launched another resource.

Part 2

1. Good luck

  • Believe it or not, and some only lucky. Here you can search for patterns, compare with other sites to analyze the plan of action, and the result is that anything they do not shine against competitive resources, but live, celebrate and hold a high position in SERP. The only pattern, which here can be displaying with relative accuracy is that “bold” sites with useful subjects and helpful, social the mission can more likely than their opposite.

  • Examples include the American site Doctor360 that helps people improve their credit score. When a resource started, its developers were not much concerned about the literate SEO. They just got 13 external links “Doctor 360”, “here”, “here”, “my site”, “Click here”, “Doctor360.com” and everything. Eventually through 54 days after launching the resource hit the top 4 on some of the keywords. The success of anything except how “lucky” I can’t explain.

2. Secret weapon

  • SEO is one of the most opaque industries on the Internet. Almost every successful website has its secret weapon: an instrument, algorithm or scheme but few people will reveal their cards in front of you. Even if the company in his blog writes about the very successful case that provided an excellent position in the SERP, or about any miracle method, do not believe it. Most likely, this weapon remains a secret.

  • Richard Marriott has increased traffic to your site on a 348% in just seven days. What was his secret weapon? He produced great stuff about the best tools for link building and began to promote it in search engines, social networks actively, and then using the email newsletter. As a result, in addition to organic traffic, he got about 3 500 visitors from blogs, Facebook, and other resources.

3. Progress in several search engines

From 60% to 70% of people use Yahoo, the remaining interest accrues to Google, and only a small “slice” the audience falls on Rambler. All this is so. However, do not only focus on one search engine.

  • There are two reasons:

    If Yandex (Google or Yahoo) to change the algorithm and you perish from the first page, you will have the “backing AP plan as other search engines where you are still quite firmly holding position;

    your way to the first pages in other search engines can be significantly shorter, so perhaps there below the competition and the search engines themselves are configured friendly about your site initially.

  • OnlineGuru, offering various online games posted on the Google Forum. Site complained that earlier traffic from Google was about 40%, and now no more than 10%. The SEO experts cleaned all links fixed errors listed on the Google Webmaster Tools, downloaded to the site decent content. While searching by request «online games» OnlineGuru doesn’t appear on Google, even on the first 5 and pages in Yandex on this ask the site falls in the second position of the first page.

4. Own brains

  • You do not draw any super secret on the forums. Those who dug up the truth, are unlikely to share it with you. The only way is to experiment yourself. Depending on what exactly is the essence of operations, spend them with intervals in 3-6 months and look at the results. More frequent tests are recommending, as you will not be able to determine with precision which of your experiments influenced the position in SERP, PR, traffic website, TIC, traffic, etc.

  • Many examples of enthusiastic experimenters, you can find in American popular blogs, such as MOZ. So, the authors conducted experiments to see how tweets affect the ranking results and what role Google algorithm is site speed

5. Noble working methods up to charity

  • White methods of optimization techniques allow you to achieve top positions in the SERP but cling to them. Do not contaminate their portfolio links from sites with a dubious reputation, do not buy up their hundreds, do not litter the site advertising, regularly publish quality content who will read and share it with your friends and then the success you achieved. Remember, it is much easier to initially play honestly and let slowly but surely move towards their goals than to fix bugs and clean its bad reputation in search systems.

  • In America now is booming TOMS shoes. And not only because it is very easy and convenient, but also because when you buy a pair of TOMS shoes, one pair sent to Africa to poor children. A few years ago, TOMS hired an SEO company to help them increase traffic to the site. One of the smart tactics of the group was behind. The company tried to establish relations with various shows, influential bloggers in the fashion industry, as well as a multitude of sites to accommodate not just link a badge with the words “I love my TOMS. It has helped not only regarding SEO but also enhanced the brand. As the company donates shoes to the needy, many sites have agreed to place the badge entirely free. In the end, thanks to bedding and first planned campaign to build links, as well as positive reviews, traffic to the site increased by 1 100%.

6. The most advanced tools

  • No doubt, it is always necessary to find and introduce new tools for website promotion. They appear quite often: all kinds of plugins, modules, and other metrics. From the latest innovations, SeoPult-automated module state logo moves that involves power transfer WebArtex. The main problem that can resolve this module or directly exchange WebArtex is way out of the impasse in which the fall is marching optimizers articles and always faced with poor-quality, offline donors. It’s not a little task-find a good, reliable donor pool and organizes with them just, handy work. Hence the second value of the new stock exchange it is fully automated: the place project in two clicks, and available selection of donors on filters, and unique writing texts and reports on the positions promoted by queries. The state now promotion of this format is perfect for young sites.

  • Here you can familiarize yourself with the inspiring example of how young Internet site for 3-4 months left on attendance of 40 000 people a day using the formal method. The whole secret is in regular work, and that quality articles on the quality of donors is a right formula natural build referential mass.

7. Budgets for the promotion

It is the only difference from advertising SEO tutorials is that in the case of Google AdWords and contextual advertising on Yandex you pay for something, to get on the first page, and in the event of SEO you get there for free. In practice, promotion of a site without a budget is morose. The more you have the budget, the greater your chances of success.

Judge for yourself:
To create excellent content, you need a good copywriter, and perhaps also an interior designer, and their work is worth the money;
post or link to the famous blog you hardly will go free;
costs may also include paid SEO tools-Analytics, buying links, etc.

In theory, perhaps, on your positions in the SERP’S financial capacity and have no effect, but in practice do not hesitate, you very well may help.
You know these blogs as a theme or Sergey Exler. All that taken by their authors, if not turns to gold, then at least one positive step brings them closer to success. Price posting material on one of these blogs range from 50 000 to 300 000000 rubles. For quality links on sites with high PR and current citation index: expect to pay from a few hundred to a few thousand rubles apiece. Of course, you can try to do without such expenditures. But what do you think, whether just your competitors with the relevant budget?