7 Tips How To Make The Coolest Website

7 Tips how to create the coolest website

Of course, without the Web page live just inconceivable in our time.  In this article, we will give you some practical tips on how to get a website of your dreams which will be envied by all.

  • Never order site at larger studios and companies with a reputation: this immediately throws you simpleton person. Think yourself: How is that possible that some letters can cost you that big money on the Internet? Indeed all money paid by you will go to some Golden toilet for some Director and three-story fountain of their central office.
    Only honest and willing workers are claiming himself a professional.

  • Remember: the central principle of the compilation of literate content is Brevity. There is no reason to paint everything in detail and provide unnecessary details. Ideally, it should consist of one, maximum two proposals; give your performers room to self-realization.
    «Make a site like Facebook, only better, and to many new functions “is about as briefly and firmly, should be set out. An experienced performer and so has the beginnings of telepathy and can anticipate your desires.

  • One day people will come to you and suggest you make a prototype. Banish them twice, and when will be the third, two strokes of a pen on a piece of paper, draw a Black square with little Windows and hitting the stick pusher, say: “be my the site .”

  • We know from experience: not worth paying particular attention to the advice and opinions of the team. Everyone knows that they are people-developers who think in binary code and incapable of a high flight of fancy.
  • All your wishes and stick to the precise adjustments only your poetic language. If you want to do less “medieval” or more “equivalent spirit of vegetarianism, so just say like that.
    Any attempt to argue point them in the face with a purse, and forget to remind them that you are the pinnacle of the food chain.

  • If something could blink, shine or move it should flashing to flash and run. More pictures, flash and animated menu. The site should sparkle like a Christmas tree, and its view-only user enters into a trance. And spit that pull it will only NASA Supercomputer, if you try to load a computer with an OS less than 2 gigabytes it will spark and explode.
    And the word “minimalism” generally come up with lazy people who don’t wanna work.

  • All main content that may be required for visitors should appear on the main page. The address of your nearest shop, phone field, weather reports for yesterday, today and the week ahead, the current dollar exchange rate. Brief notes such as Dow Jones industrial average, the window Instant chat with the Manager and immediately log into every possible social network in the world — it all should decorate the home page of the site, providing unlimited possibilities to the user.

  • Each site must be holy place “company news” section. There you can post exclusively to three things: congratulations to all women with March 8 clients, congratulations to all male customers with a 23-m February congratulation and visitors of both sexes with the New year” just as a sample.”

In the history of the Internet, by statistics, only 17 people came to the second page of the SERPs in Google.
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