47 Resources for Intellectuals

47 Resources for Intellectuals

1. BBC – Future – Every day you become smarter.

2. 99U (YouTube) – A lot of videos in which you will be told how to improve your efficiency, creativity and even IQ.

3. Youtube EDU – A vast space of knowledge. For you.

4. WikiWand – This Wikipedia you have not seen.

5. The long read (The Guardian) – Materials that are worth devoting a lot of time.

6. TED – Inspiring and enlightening videos for everyone.

7. iTunes U – Learn along the way. Learn every minute.

8. InsightfulQuestions – Intellectual discussions. Topics? All. People are different.

9. Carego – Together with Cerego (as if with Seryoga :)) you can build your curriculum, which will take into account all your strengths and weaknesses.

10. University of the People – A lot of free online courses.

11. OpenSesame – Again a great platform for learning (courses).

12. CreativeLive – Creative class, unite. And learn!

13. Coursera – We just could not turn it off. A great resource for finding new knowledge.

14. University of Reddit – Here you can also share your knowledge.

15. Quora – You ask, but people are discussing. Or you help to find someone an answer.

16. Digital Photography School – For those who are interested in photography.

17. Umano – A huge collection of audio materials from entirely different people.

+ Brain Pickings – Long regular posts. About everything in the world!

18. Peer 2 Peer University – A project that allows you to study at home.

19. MIT Open CourseWare – New free courses.

20. Gibbon – A playlist for those who learn all the time.

21. Investopedia – On finance, marketing, investments.

22. Thought.co – All about Macroeconomics.

23.  Dotdash – Looking for answers, advice, and inspiration?

24. MyMoneyGov – Earn, borrow, save & invest.

25. Udacity – Sometimes it’s small enough for self-study.

26. Mozilla Developer Network – A resource for developers (here, too, you can learn!).

27. Future learn – Online courses! Suddenly?

28. Google Scholar – It’s easy to find books that you need. And articles too.

29. Brain Pump – Look here to learn something new every day.

30. Mental Floss – Test your knowledge, flick through interesting facts and amuse your mind.

31. Learnist – Laifhaki for every day.

32. DataCamp – Courses for those who are not afraid of difficulties (and knows what data science is)

33. edX – Cursors!

34. Highbrow – And courses that will fall right in your drawer.

35. Classpert – A free search engine for online courses.

36. Platz – Online classes for those who want to learn more about design, marketing, and code.

37. ProductHunt – Assemblies of startups every day.

38. Medium – A resource where you can just talk and share your thoughts. Or find interesting materials (Topics vary: from philosophy to IT).

39. BusinessInsider – Look here to get information about what is happening in the world. And in different spheres of society.

40. Vinepair – What kind of intellectual does not dream of learning more about wine?

41. Quizzly – An application for those who like to train their brains and are constantly on the move.

42. Documentary Addict – A huge collection of documentary films.

43. Bookstk – Bookshelves of great entrepreneurs. Read what inspired them!

44. Future Timeline – What will happen next with us (scientific approach)?

45. Toolset – Tools that you need.

46. Autospy – Only the smart learn from other people’s mistakes. About startups that failed.

47. You are getting old! (We just remind) – Dear intellectual, wasting your valuable time wisely. And be, well, happy, for example.