The US Department of Defense is Under Cyber Attack of Terabit Of Death

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The US Department of Defense is Under Cyber Attack of Terabit Of Death

On January 11, 2018, the head of the Defense Information Systems Agency of the US Department of Defense said that currently, the global networks of the Department of Defense are under constant threat, moreover, the sophistication of cyber attacks and the technology of attacks are significantly increasing.

  • Lieutenant-General of the US Army, Alan R. Lynn, who is also the commander of the United States Defense Information Systems Agency’s headquarters, spoke about some interesting and unexpected discoveries that he noted during his work, from the appointment to this post in 2015.

Lynn said in Washington that the Department of Information Systems of the Ministry of Defense is coping well with security, providing a high degree of reliability at all levels, however, the attacks that the agency had to deal with were so sophisticated that it really amazes and continues to amaze the fact thought out, ingenious and carefully elaborated are cyber attacks.

The new attack “Terabit of death”

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It’s too late to ask “will it happen?”, It’s time to think about the question “when will this happen?”.

  • A few years ago, a huge event was a 1GB or 2GB attack on an access point to the Internet. Then it became even some sort of routine and now you can face 600Gb / s attacks and other unique attacks and attack methods that were previously difficult to even imagine. Therefore, the Ministry of Defense strengthens its defensive positions, expected and larger attacks.

Lynn said that the new type of attack, which almost knocked on the door of the US department, has already received the name – the terabit of death. Also, Lieutenant-General assured that they are completely ready to repel any attack, even so, large-scale because they perfectly understand that sooner or later they will face this because it’s just a matter of time.

The scale of the networks of the US Department of Defense

Another discovery for the lieutenant-general during his tenure was the spread of the networks of the US Department of Defense. In his statements, he describes them as a “massive” network of 3.2 million people.

And in fact, it is necessary to find any way to protect or help each of them. After all, if you look at everything on a global scale, then something happens and happens every second of every minute, so everything that’s going on needs eyes and eyes.

  • He noted that the department needs flexible systems for the operational-tactical level of control in order to outrun the enemy, which is developing in ultra-fast mode and has no permanent deployment. According to him, there are some problems with finding solutions that could be scaled for the information networks of the Ministry of Defense. A commercial solution that excellently copes with small operations and problems may not always be suitable and effective on the scale of the worldwide networks of the Ministry of Defense.

The Defense of Information Systems Agency of the US Department of Defense is primarily a combat support entity responsible for a variety of networks. Examples include networks between unmanned aerial vehicles and pilots of unmanned aerial vehicles, or the fighter-bomber F-35 (also called a “flying mega-computer”), which requires a huge amount of data and developed logical functions.

According to Linn, the Agency for the Protection of Information Systems is tirelessly implementing new IT developments and chips in order to always be on guard and have preventive measures to protect its users. After speaking about cyber-attacks, do not forget about the possible consequences of procrastination, which can have deplorable, and in some cases, lethal for some spheres results.