A Closer Look At Cyber Attacks (video reviews by Wanna Cry)

A closer look at cyber attacks (video reviews by Wanna Cry)

The global attack of WannaCry, which has affected over 200,000 computers in at least 150 countries in the last two weeks, has become a significant milestone in the history of cyber crimes. In turn, enterprises and organizations of all types learned about the need for effective information security tools to prevent the compromise of their business reputation, image, and financial damage.

Modern attacks have become more complex and professional than ever before, and their number and dynamics have become so impressive that it is extremely important to provide protection against new patterns of malicious behavior. Visibility is the key to achieving a more privileged position in terms of their own protection against the new generation of cyber attacks. Now companies are divided into those who suffered from cyber attacks and are aware of this, and those who have already suffered, but they still do not know about it. Sometimes it seems that unusual behavior is associated with some kind of system malfunction, although in fact, it is the result of a cyber attack.

Despite the fact that the global cyber attack of WannaCry has already been comprehensively sanctified and dismantled “on the shelves” in almost all media, however, we at Panda Security decided to provide a couple of video reviews that will help us understand how WannaCry works and how to protect it Enterprise with the help of Adaptive Defense.

This video shows how WannaCry is looking for its victims to launch an attack in the event that an affected computer is found:

In this video, we ran #WannaCry on a computer running Windows 7 without the corresponding patch installed. On the victim’s computer, Adaptive Defense is in Locked Advanced Protection mode, which does not have an Internet connection and has not been updated since May 11, 2017 (that is, one day before the global attack begins). What will happen in this case?

It is possible that we will see many new attacks exploiting a vulnerability in the operating system that is operated in EternalBlue, but with the help of other malicious programs.

Go from WannaCry to WannaSaveU quite simply, that’s what the webinar was about, and how to protect the enterprise with a solution such as Adaptive Defense, which provides advanced protection options against unknown threats.