Top Four Free Automated Platforms For Learning Programming

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Top Four Free Automated Platforms For Learning Programming

Hello, community! We in Smart Spate have compiled a list of four free automated online platforms for beginners.


Automated Platforms 1

A large non-profit automated platform. Learn from scratch the basics of web development: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In the end, there are introductory blocks on React/Redux, data visualization, and even a bit on the backend.

From the very beginning to the end it is impossible to get confused – there is only one program out of 1,400 tasks. Somewhere from the 200th task, there is an interesting block with algorithmic puzzles in JavaScript. Several times the training provides an independent practice in his editor.


Automated Platforms 2

An organic combination of “video” and tasks in the browser: as if the teacher was sitting next to you and showed what he was doing in the editor. You have the opportunity, right in the course of the recording, to flip through the code and watch the teacher’s cursor.

A large number of topics on web development: from flexboxes and Bootstrap to React, Vue and Angular. The only drawback of the platform can only be the lack of support and work on projects. But for this, there are lots of other platforms.


Automated Platforms 3

One of the most well-known international platforms for learning the basics of coding using different technologies: Python, SQL, Java, layout, JavaScript and others. Recently launched the first course in C++. Everything is very nice and focused on solving simple problems.

Codeacademy is focused on acquiring basic programming skills and is suitable for those who want to get acquainted with coding without big plans to become a professional developer. All learning takes place in the browser. In the paid version (for 20 bucks a month) there is access to quizzes, custom educational tracks, and projects.


Automated Platforms 4

A beautifully drawn platform for learning game programming. You pass levels in a game, at the same time you study programming in a familiar language: Python, Java, JavaScript, C++/#.

The platform offers different game scenarios, discussions with other participants, contests and 10-minute battles on multiplayer with other users.