How to Know When to Start Updating Your Skills

Updating Your Skills

How to Know When to Start Updating Your Skills

Your freelance business is going along quite well by now, but you seem to be stuck in a bit of a slump. You’re not advancing or getting as many customers as quickly as you would like, but you’re not quite sure why.

Well, it may be that you have reached the plateau of where your current skillset will take you. It just may be time that you look into advancing your skills. But, how? And, what skills should you focus on?

Well, naturally, it is all going to depend on the type of work you currently do. However, some skills are pretty universally beneficial regardless of your current work. Let’s explore some of the top complementary skills you can learn to become a rockstar freelancer.

Learn to Translate a New Language

Learning a new language quickly is not easy. But, if you get good, you can offer your services to a whole new market. For instance, if you’re a graphic designer, you can offer your clients multilingual versions of their graphics. If it’s just a few words, you may be able to get away with using Google Translate, but make sure you’re confident that it translates properly to avoid embarrassing lingual faux pas.

Boosting SEO and Interpreting Analytics

So, this is almost like learning a new language in itself. But, learning how to boost your customer’s SEO strategy, analyze and interpret analytics can add a layer of services for them that could help boost your sales and word of mouth referrals. You can take a few crash courses online, but if you really want to shine bright like a diamond, consider attending an SEO boot camp program.

Amp Up Your Digital Marketing Skills

This skill will be transferable pretty much no matter where you decide to head in your career. More companies are recognizing the value in boosting their digital marketing strategies and there is no foreseeable shortage to this trend. This is also another area where you don’t want to skimp on education. Trends change constantly and learning the most efficient ways to stay up-to-date is crucial. A digital marketing boot camp can prepare you in a matter of weeks, not years.

Or, Prepare to Make a Big Change

Then again, maybe you’re looking for an exciting new career that still gives you the flexibility you have become accustomed to but offers a little more opportunity for growth and customer acquisition. If that is the case, consider switching to a career in technology. This field is growing exponentially and you’re bound to find a path that suits your needs and wants. 

Some of the skills needed for the fastest-growing careers in technology can be learned (as mentioned above) in just a few weeks by attending one of the many boot camps. Coding and other boot camps are quickly becoming a less expensive, more efficient method to get the skills needed and get to work faster than a traditional college degree. 

No matter which path you choose, keeping ahead of the curve on improving your skills will help you set yourself apart from the crowd, offer your customers better services, prove to them you’re knowledgeable and help you boost repeat sales.