50 Useful tools for PHP Developer

50 Useful tools for PHP Developer

PHP is one of the most widely used languages for creating websites. PHP frameworks such as

  • Zend;

  • CakePHP;

  • CodeIgniter;

And open source classes and libraries simplify development.
Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned developer or a novice, the tools that you use have a direct impact on your productivity. Here assembled a list of really useful tools and extensions for PHP developers, which will help accelerate the development of, and improve the final quality of the code.



Free PHP Accelerator, optimizer, and dynamic cache. It increases the performance of PHP scripts, cash them in their compiled form. Optimization increases the speed of scripts. eAccelerator typically diminishes the server load and increases the speed of PHP code by 1-10 times.

IonCube PHP Accelerator

Easily installs PHP Zend extension that caches PHP code, and can significantly speed up PHP scripts without the need to modify the code.

Windows Cache Extension for PHP

A module for IIS7 performs the function of PHP Accelerator supports PHP 5.2 and 5.3. PHP bytecode cache in memory

Alternative PHP Cache

A free and open system for caching pre-compiled PHP scripts can significantly increase the performance of PHP scripts running under mod_php.

Build system

Create Apache Ant-based system allows you to do everything you can do with traditional build systems, such as GNU make.

GNU uses a simple XML build files and extensible PHP classes of problems. Allows you to run PHPUnit and SimpleTest unit tests do processing of data (i.e. Replacement tokens, XSLT transformation, etc.), file system operations, interactive build project execution of SQL code, CVS/SVN operations, the creation of PEAR packages, and much more.



Beautify PHP completely free service that formats the PHP code following the standards of the PEAR.

PHP Beautifier

This program reformats files PHP 4 and PHP 5 automatically.

PHP Object Generator (POG)

Open source PHP code generator that generates object-oriented classes (PHP4/PHP5) for database access with CRUD methods.


UML2PHP5 is a plugin developed for graphing application diagram. Automatically generates PHP code corresponding charts.

Instant SQL Formatter

Instant SQL Formatter is a free online service to format SQL code. It can also translate the SQL code in c #, Java, PHP, DELPHI and other languages (as strings). Allows you to display a list of database objects in the SQL code, such as tables, columns, function.


MySQL table editor and PHP code generator. Key features of phpMyEdit:

  • Code generation changes to tables;

  • Append, modify, View, copy and delete;

  • Sorting, filtering, and pagination to tables;

  • Request to other tables (a one-to-many relationship);

  • The various navigation options;

  • Design, customizable with CSS;

  • PHP Obfuscator

Obfusciruet PHP code does do not require our libraries installed on the server and components. Allows the functions, variables and remove spaces.

Code Eclipse

PHP obfuscator, converting a regular PHP code in awful, unreadable code with minimal losses in execution speed and without any loss incompatibility.


PHP Toolkit for ADO.NET Data Services

Allows PHP developers to access data sources created using ADO.NET Data Services. The aim of the project is to provide the same functionality as a the.NET library.


Propel is an ORM framework for PHP5. Gives access to the database by using individual objects with a simple API for storing and retrieving data.


An object-oriented library created in PHP that allows you to abstract away the database-specific operations for the sake of the telephone. Fashioned with Microsoft’s ADO, but has many improvements make this library unique (such as Pivot Tables, Active Record support, generation of HTML for paging recordsets with links to the next and previous page.
HTML recordsets menu generation supports a large number of databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase, Firebird, Informix, Oracle, MS SQL, FoxPro, ADO, Sybase, FrontBase, DB2, SAP DB, SQLite, Netezza, LDAP, and standard ODBC, ODBTP.


This Doctrine ORM for PHP 5.2.3 +, which created by abstraction layer (DBAL). One of the main advantages is the ability to write database queries in object-oriented SQL dialect — the Doctrine Query Language (DQL), created under the impression from Hibernate HQL. DQL provides developers with a powerful, flexible alternative to SQL that does not require another writing repeated code.


Xdebug Debugger and Profiler Tool

Xdebug is an extension for debugging PHP scripts which Derick Rethans wrote, one of the developers of the PHP language. Xdebug provides the following information: call stack functions, memory allocation. Features of Xdebug: profiling, code coverage analysis, protection from infinite recursion, interactive debugging scripts. You should also check Webgrind-Web interface for Xdebug profiling, written in PHP, MacGDBp-Mac OS X client that allows you to debug PHP applications with Xdebug.


FirePHP provides the ability to send debug messages in the Firebug console using the PHP call methods. All information is sent via headers X-FirePHP-Data, thereby not interfering with the main content pages.

DBG-PHP Debugger and Profiler

DBG is a complete, interactive PHP Debugger. It can run on a test or/and production server and allows you to debug your scripts locally or remotely, from the IDE or the console.

PHP Debug

Helps in the debugging of PHP code displays the path of the script execution, shows all variables, runtime, included files, executed queries, watch variables… This information going during script execution and displays on its completion and then can be used at any time.


PHP CodeSniffer

PHP CodeSniffer is a PHP5 script checks the code for conformance to coding standards. Can help prevent common semantic errors by developers. Easily integrates with SVN to test code before commit.


Javadoc analog, written in PHP, phpDocumentor can be invoked from the command line or the Web interface to generate documentation from PHP code. PhpDocumentor supports the link between linking user-level document, such as tutorials and creation of highlighted code from colored to normal PHP documentation.


Doxygen is a cross-platform source code documentation system which supports PHP (as well as many other languages).
Doxygen generates documentation based on a set of source and can also be configured to retrieve program structure from undocumented source code. Possibly dependency graphs software objects, class diagrams and source codes with hyperlinks.

PHP Depend

PHP Depend this Analyzer and measuring tool that can provide lots of useful information on the PHP project. PHP Depend generates plenty of metrics, the values obtained can be used to determine the quality of the project and its parts in need of refactoring.


Firefox Add-on simplifies the translation of languages files and variables in PHP scripts.

IDE & Editors


The NetBeans IDE is a free, fast, cross-platform IDE that understands language PHP. It’s a pleasure to write PHP code because there is all necessary tools — highlighting, code completion of all connected files, browser PHP classes, documentation for standard functions and so on. NetBeans can download and upload files to a remote server via FTP and SFTP, has developed SQL Terminal and fully automates work with SVN or CVS.

Aptana PHP Development Environment

Means of contextual hints supply IDE, code completion, syntax checking, light and has a built-in debugger, and local oscillator model of code blocks. Wednesday supports the development of Ajax applications, has the means for Visual code navigation, maintain a list of tasks (Todo) and documentation to the project. Wednesday-integrated web server enables you to assess the outcome instantly. Built-in testing tools support the ability to evaluate display prepared by the project in different versions of web browsers. Aptana PHP is implemented as a plug-in for Eclipse or Aptana Studio feature Wednesday, based on Eclipse.


PHPEclipse is a plugin for Eclipse with the following functions: paired parentheses syntax, code folding, code completion, integration of the PHP documentation, code templates, XDebug, DBG and support, support for CVS SVN + + &.
Zend Studio
Zend Studio is a professional Wednesday to develop and debug Web projects. A distinctive feature of the program is the ability to do remote debugging and profiling. The composition of the Zend Studio as an option package includes PHP, along with an extensive list of pre-compiled extensions. Zend Framework integration and Zend Server enhanced editing source code and various performance improvement programs.

PHP anywhere

PHP anywhere is an online PHP editor. Powered by Ext JS. All the necessary functions are present — highlighting, coding, etc., use of the service is completely free and requires only registration.

VS. PHP For Visual Studio

VS.PHP is an integrated development Wednesday, based on the Visual Studio IDE and allows you to design, build, debug and deploy PHP applications at a professional level, using all possibilities offered by VisualStudio.Net. The PHP – code editor has great functionality, giving you access to the built-in PHP functions, as well as written duties and classes…

NuSphere PhpED

NuSphere PhpED is a professional integrated processing Wednesday designed to generate applications using databases and PHP, HTML, XML, CSS. Robust code editor, first illumination system code in languages PHP, XML, XHTML, HTML, CSS, and Javascript, powerful PHP Debugger, Profiler, and Publisher — all in one.
The program also includes an integrated database and CVS clients, SOAP services, HTML validator and Formatter Code Tools. Support for Smarty, Unicode editor, SFTP supported for secure downloads and uploads, Telnet, SSH terminals for remote administration, support the functionality of MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, MSSQL, Interbase support error analysis, graphical user interface is completely customizable, PHP Code Analyzer, and more

Eclipse PDT

PDT (PHP Development Tools) -Eclipse plugin designed for PHP developers. Eclipse is much more than just a decent free replacement of NuSphere PhpED and Zend Studio. Distro PDT-all-in-one includes the Eclipse platform and all necessary plugins for PHP development

JetBrains Web IDE EAP

JetBrains Web IDE is an IDE for Web programming. It based on the platform for IDE Web Framework: JetBrains IDE is available in two versions: the standard version includes support for HTML, CSS, Javascript. PHP Developer Edition adds support for PHP and SQL.

More: PhpED, PHPEdit, phpDesigner, Komodo IDE, Komodo Edit Free, TextMate, PHP Expert Editor, Notepad ++, Notepad2, Code Lobster


PHP-Intrusion Detection System (PHPIDS)

PHPIDS is an easy to use, well structured, fast attack detection system. PHPIDS can catch all kinds of XSSy, SQL injection, splitting the query, pass through directories, RFE/LFI, DOS, and LDAP injection. Connects to the project as a library, receives an array of all inputs that require verification, returns an object with information about detecting in the data of entry attempts to attack and risk for each of them, based on a set of proven rules every attack associated with a rating of its danger. It allows you to easily maintain statistics on attacks or send notifications to the development team.


PhpSecInfo adds the equivalent function PHP info () that provides information on the security of PHP environment and offers suggestions for improvement. It’s is not a replacement for secure development techniques and does not make any types of auditing code or applications.



XAMPP is PHP, MySQL, Apache + Perl module + Filezilla + accelerator + more different buns. There are versions for Windows, Linux, MacOS and Solaris.
More: AppServ

Your PHP config

Graphical front-end for php.ini file PHP configuration. Supports all the standard functionality, and has a special bookmark for the plugins.


Lighty2Go is a portable version of LightTPD, MySQL, PHP & (LiMP) for Windows.


Personal AMP-Apache, MySQL, and PHP-Kit for mobile phones S60.


Allows to use Apache, PHP, and MySQL on Windows and comes with PHPMyAdmin to database management. WampServer knows how to work with different versions of PHP, MySQL and Apache, and switch between them.


The Web server does not require installation and operates on the media is write-protected. Can be used directly from a CD, USB flash drive or just a folder on your hard disk without the headache of configuring PHP, Apache, and MySQL.


A gentleman’s set of Web-Developer (“D.n.w.r “read” Denver “) is a project of Dmitriy Koterova, a set of distributions (Apache, PHP, MySQL, Perl, etc.) and the software used by developers to develop Web sites on home (local) Windows machine without having access to the Internet. The main feature of Denver — the convenience of remote work on several independent projects and the possibility of placing on the Flash drive.



PHPUnit is one of the xUnit family of testing frameworks and simplifies writing tests, as well as their run and the analysis of results.


SimpleTest is analogous to JUnit/PHPUnit. Supports mock objects and can be used to automate regression testing of Web applications.


vfcStream is a wrapper for file streams, useful in unit testing to create mock objects in the file system. Is using in conjunction with any testing framework such as SimpleTest or PHPUnit.


phpUnderControl is an add-on for automatic Assembly system CruiseControl, which contains some of the best PHP development tools. The project aims at making the first steps with CruiseControl and PHP were as easy as possible.


Xinc is a continuous integration server. Includes built-in support for Subversion and Phing (i.e. And PHPUnit), and can be easily modified to support other version control systems and build systems.

Cheat Sheets

PHP Cheat Sheet from AddedBytes

In PHP a one-page cheat sheet that lists the arguments to functions, formatting dates, regular expression syntax and standard functions.

PHP 5 Online Cheat Sheet

Cast: Boolean, Integer, String, Array, Object/Class; Strings: functions, processing; Arrays: functions, processing; Classes: ad, ad methods visibility; Date/time: function, formats; Predefined variables: $ _SERVER, $ _FILES

The CheatSheet-CakePHP 1.2

CakePHP config variables, includes global functions, agreements on the execution code path. Also contains properties, methods, and functions Models, View, Controller and Helper classes.
PHP $ _SERVER Superglobal on Apache & IIS
Table keys defined in the $ _SERVER superglobal on Apache and IIS. This chart allows estimating the difference between the server in case of migration from one to another.
Smarty Cheat Sheet contains tips for designers Smarty templates.

More information and discussion you can find by following this link: http://stackoverflow.com

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