Why Time Clock Software Is Smarter Than Ever

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Why Time Clock Software Is Smarter Than Ever

The days of paper punchcards and manual time clocks are over: Time clock software is quickly becoming the new norm for businesses of every size. Why? Well, for starters, it’s widely considered to be the most convenient method of timekeeping. And because the tech industry is always looking for ways to improve existing software and programs, time clock software is smarter than ever. 

What Is Time Clock Software?

In today’s world, it seems like there’s software for everything. But time clock software isn’t a fleeting fad—it’s a solid investment that makes tracking employees’ time on the clock faster and easier for employers and employees alike. So, what is time clock software?

Simply put, time clock software is an online tool that uses cloud-based technology to digitalize timecards, timesheets, and clocking in and out. Each employee is assigned an account that they will use to “punch in” before every shift and “punch out” afterward. And because time clock software functions through the cloud, your employees can do this using any Internet-connected device, whether that be a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. 

Smart Features 

The benefits of time clock software might start with timekeeping, but they certainly don’t end there. Versatility and flexibility are two defining factors that make time clock software useful in more ways than one. And thanks to a couple years’ worth of evolution, time clock software now boasts a variety of advanced features.

Something that adds to time clock software’s upfront appeal? It doesn’t require you buy or install any new equipment! Image courtesy of Pexels.

Facial Recognition

Remember when facial recognition was a sci-fi staple that seemed out of this world? Well, it’s not anymore! Most time clock software providers offer users multiple options when it comes to the employee login method. Some of the more basic methods include entering a username and password or scanning a QR code. 

More recently, however, some providers have started offering facial recognition as an option. Not only does facial recognition prevent buddy punching, but it also makes clocking in and out easier and quicker—because instead of having to enter login information, an employee can just snap a picture of themselves. 

GPS Tracking

If your business requires employees to travel on the job, you might find yourself wondering whether or not everyone is where they say they are—or, from a logistical standpoint, if someone gets lost, it can be hard to help them if you don’t know where they are. GPS tracking through time clock software can eliminate both of these problems. 

Many time clock software providers give you the option to track employees while they’re on the clock. Whether you view everyone at once on the same dashboard or check in on employees on an individual basis, you’ll always know where your workers are. 

Job Codes

Most employees don’t spend an entire shift doing one thing—there’s usually a good deal of multitasking going on. Job codes can help maintain a sense of organization, even if you have workers who bounce between positions. 

With time clock software, you can create job codes and assign them to employees to cut down on any confusion that might occur when someone is responsible for two or more jobs. Job codes also give you a better idea of how your company’s time is being broken down, which can help you to maximize your efficiency.  


Scheduling is one of those administrative tasks that often ends up feeling like a chore. That’s why many time clock software providers also include a scheduling tool that either built-in or available through a compound plan. 

Employee scheduling software streamlines scheduling with features like drag-and-drop functionality, color-coding, and the enduringly useful copy-and-paste. This will enable you to build clean, easy-to-read schedules that your employees will be able to view online. You can even send out notifications to alert workers when a new schedule has been posted or an existing one has been changed.

Make setting work availability and requesting time off more convenient for your employees by investing in a time clock software that also includes a scheduling tool.

Going Above and Beyond with Integration 

Getting the most out of any online business tool usually means using that tool in coordination with at least one other one—which is why time clock software can be integrated with third-party software that your business might use to do payroll, billing, and other HR taskwork. 

Having a time clock software provider that allows for easy integration is a must. Sure, time clock software is great on its own, but in order to achieve multilevel optimization, you need to be able to transfer data and integrate files. After all, why stop at timekeeping when you can go above and beyond?

Time Clock Software: A Smart Decision That Keeps Getting Smarter

Like we said before, technology is constantly evolving and changing to be faster and more efficient. This holds true for everything from phones and computers to cars and artificial intelligence—and the business world is reaping the benefits of it all. Time clock software isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and smart features like facial recognition, GPS tracking, job codes, and scheduling are proof that it’s only going to keep getting better.