How to Hide A Lost Your Password Link On WordPress Login Page?

Improvement Security OF WordPress

How to Hide A Lost Your Password Link On WordPress Login Page?

As we all know that the popularity of the WordPress platform increasing daily as per statistics 74.6 million sites depends on the WordPress which means that it’s good chance to be hacked by some malicious hacker.

Probably a lot of you out there have been asked this type of question on how do I prevent spammers from registering on my WordPress website even though if I have disabled a members option where is saying that: ” Anyone can register”, that is located on your WordPress Dashboard main Panel = > Setting => General.

Let’s assume that your website is alive for long enough and getting a good traffic which means that it’s good chance that the intruders could possibly try to break into your website by guessing your username or email address through the link of “Lost Your Password” that is located right on the main https://yoursitename/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword page where they can possibly use a bot for guessing out your username or email and make some sort of attack even though it will send the confirmation to your email in case of someone will guess it out correctly.

So this type of modification that we provide is more focusing on providing a better control, more security of your WordPress login page.


A snippet of Code:

function hide_login_links_div() {
echo '<style type="text/css">
.login #nav {
display: none;
add_action('login_head', 'hide_login_links_div');


We would highly recommend before any further steps do a backup of your function.php file that in case if you are going to do some mistake and break your website which results to an error code: ” 404 Page Not Found” so that you could a rollback and restore it from a backup.

Notes: If you are not familiar with programming and feel not comfortable to make any modification to your website then we wouldn’t recommend proceeding further to prevent any further issues with your website.

But, if you think that you are good, then you are more then welcome to watch our video to get familiar with that type of modification.