How Does a Combination of AI and Cloud Computing Will Create an Explosive Force

How Does a Combination of AI and Cloud Computing Will Create an Explosive Force

How Does a Combination of AI and Cloud Computing Will Create an Explosive Force For The Development Of a New Coil in the Modern IT World

In today modern world there is a trend of merging technologies of cloud computing data and artificial intelligence, this gives a clear impetus to the development of innovations in every area of the industry.

It is also worth noting that cloud technologies are being intensively used both in large companies and in small ones, which makes it possible to stimulate the information technology market with the use of AI. Further integration of these technologies into a single information model will create for all enterprises a high-performance tool for more efficient management of their business.

What can we expect from the combination of these technologies?

It is necessary to emphasize the importance of artificial intelligence technologies and cloud technologies for computer data processing, both in general and separately, which set the pace in the market of information technology services now and in the near future. According to IBM research, cognitive benefits, according to 65% of specialists, “are very important for building successful business strategies.”

  • More than 50% of specialists also agree that “AI technologies are of great importance for the transition to the digital space” and “must remain competitive in the near future”. As a consequence, the technologies of artificial intelligence are the technologies of tomorrow.

It is worthwhile to clarify that there is a direct relationship between these two high-tech solutions, which mean that as demand for artificial intelligence technologies increases (it is projected that by 2019 it will reach $ 31 billion), the demand for cloud technologies for processing computer data will also be increased. However, it is expected that the modern market of cloud technologies will reach the level of 146 billion US dollars already in this year 2017.

  • Advantages of using cloud technologies for computer data processing are obvious and already proven, including lower financial costs, increased software product’s ability to upgrade, more freedom of action and much more.

But now it is worth considering how the combination of artificial intelligence and cloud technologies for processing computer data will occur in practice, and what we should expect from this merger. According to the IBM survey, 90% of respondents confirmed the need to use the cloud in artificial intelligence technologies.

  • Products such as the Internet of Things (IoT) or mobile phones and computers in their time have set a positive trend for the use and development of the cloud, so it is expected that the use of artificial intelligence will cause the greatest shift in the field of information technology.

According to analyst Tom Austin of the research and consulting company Gartner, one of the latest changes in the development of cloud technologies “is the integration of mobile and cloud technologies, in which the smartphones themselves will serve as a tool for the implementation of cloud services.” In this regard, it is expected that the next major achievement will be the unification of artificial intelligence with cloud technologies for processing computer data.

How can the combination of these technologies affect their development?

In fact, the cloud is a huge amount of data that is used in technologies of artificial intelligence. At the same time, artificial intelligence technologies can provide the cloud with even more data as it is used.

  • Currently, Microsoft Azure offers more than 30 cognitive services in categories: visualization, speech, linguistics, and knowledge. And such applications are much more than we could imagine.

combination of these technologies

At present, enterprises invest heavily in artificial intelligence technology to develop software that can understand and study human speech. The most famous applications of this kind are Assistant from Google, Siri from Apple, Cortana from Microsoft, Alexa from Amazon or Bixby from Samsung.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) from the company Amazon – has already started using artificial intelligence technologies, adding “forecast analysis – data collection for predicted trends – cloud storage services, while discovering algorithms of machine learning developed for internal use”.

The potential of artificial intelligence, which can learn from the endless supply of data from the cloud, is almost endless. Face recognition software can help improve the control and security system, various documents can be translated correctly and correctly without the need for changes on the part of specialists, and even simple automated customer service will seem completely different from what we now have.

  • By combining the technologies of artificial intelligence and cloud technologies for processing computer data, all these possibilities can be put into reality. Numerous servers around the world, connected to cloud databases, store a significant amount of all kinds of information that is available for use by artificial intelligence (intelligence) technologies for solving set tasks. It is also possible for the AI to transfer new information received during processing to the cloud for further work with it to other systems and technologies.

For example, now there is an opportunity for organizations “using IBM Watson to combat cybercrime”, to teach the Watson supercomputer one way or another if it encounters any unauthorized virus attack on the network. Since Watson constantly studies and stores the information it needs, its actions and functionality become more effective.

  • But at the present time, there is still a problem, which is that this supercomputer still makes mistakes that a person would not allow, for example, to assume that the extortion program can indicate its location. ” Thus, while information technologies do not come to a new and higher level, there will still be a need for human participation in these processes.

The fact is that although both of these technologies can exist on their own, 55% of users prefer cloud-based services and use the platform as a PaaS service and software as a SaaS service for developing the right strategic decisions made in artificial intelligence technologies intellect).

The AI has already been adopted for use in developing products and services of innovative technologies, as well as in the field of IT technology automation and business process automation.

What will be next?

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, believes that “they have reached a point where artificial intelligence and machine learning will begin to exert far more influence both on the company itself and on its customers using cloud technologies,” adding that “we will develop in the direction of mobile services to the world of AI. ” The first stage to take advantage of the merge of the two technologies (artificial intelligence and cloud computing information) will be the use of a public cloud to provide services to its customers. Gartner’s Aust explains: “You have to use the cloud to access large pools of public information.”

  • As technology develops, cloud systems help artificial intelligence (intellect) to gain new knowledge. Yes, now there is still a need to correct the mistakes made by these supercomputers, but in the future, with the development of technology, such a need will disappear.

Companies will use the rapidly growing crowdsourcing of data through cloud technologies so that by means of machine learning algorithms, it is possible to correctly and independently recognize faces, words and much more from the AI.

All large IT companies agree that artificial intelligence (intelligence) “will become the basis for the next level of programming,” says Eric Schmidt, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alphabet (a holding that owns several companies formerly owned by Google Inc. and Google Inc itself including).

Many experts agree that in this year 2017, artificial intelligence (intelligence) technologies will become commonplace in our lives. The merging of the two technologies of cloud processing of computer data and AI will undoubtedly affect each area of activity.