Top 10 Android Application to Improve your Knowledge in Python

Top 10 Android Application to Improve your Knowledge in Python

In the process of learning the programming languages, we usually use the PC to work with the appropriate applications, environments, programs, read books, use mass online courses. Now, when smartphones are with us always and everywhere, it’s a sin not to take advantage of their capabilities to learn programming skills or improve them.

We propose a list of applications from Google Play For studying Python on Android-devices that will help not only to gain knowledge but also to check your level on Python. Three of the listed below applications I necessarily advise students in the study of Python:

1. Learn Python

Learn Python
  • One of the best, cute application: the interface immediately pleased. Contains short lessons and tests that control the process of studying Python. There is an element of excitement – gain points, for passing classes and tests. After the course, you can get a certificate.

  • The application covers the following topics: Python basics, data types, control structures, functions, and modules, working with files, functional programming, object-oriented programming, regular expressions.

2. QPython – Python for Android

  • Qpython is the script that runs Python on Android devices allows you to run scripts and projects. QPython contains the Python interpreter, console, editor, and SL4A library (it does not always allow the creation and launch of scripts written in different scripting languages directly on Android devices.) SL4A is designed for developers and is still in the alpha testing phase – https: / / for Android.

  • Thus, the application offers a developer kit that allows you to easily create projects and Python scripts on Android-devices.

Main characteristics:

  • Support for programming Python on Android, including web applications, games, and SL4A-programming, etc;
  • Python scripts/projects running on Android devices;
  • You can run Python code & files with QRCode;
  • QEdit makes it easy to create/edit Python scripts/projects;
  • Includes many useful Python libraries;
  • Support pipe (package management system is used to install and manage software packages written in Python;
  • Support SL4A programming for access to Android functions: network, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.

3. Python Documentation

Python Documentation
  • Application with Python 3.5 documentation in English, completely Offline. Has improved search, simple navigation, mobile reading format, user-friendly interface.

The content of the documentation includes the following sections:

  • What’s new in Python?;
  • The Python Tutorial;
  • Python link library;
  • Python Language Reference;
  • Python setup and use;
  • Python HOWTOs;
  • Extensions and attachments;
  • Python/C API;
  • Installing Python modules;
  • Uninstalling Python modules;
  • FAQs;

4. Quiz & Learn Python

Quiz & Learn Python
  • This application for testing and improving the knowledge and concepts of Python (version 2.7). Questions range from the basics of Python programming to very specific, perhaps unexpected ways of writing code.

  • Depending on progress, questions can become more complicated. The faster you respond, the more points you get. You can remove two incorrect answers, skip a question, stop the timer, or debug the code. Developer’s site

5. Python interview questions

Python questions
  • Helps to test the knowledge of the Python language in the form of an interview.

6. Python Challenge

Python Challenge
  • This application for users who would like to learn and test their knowledge of programming in Python. The application has two main modes: Challenge Mode and Practice Mode. Challenge Mode consists of 20 questions. Points are awarded based on the time taken to resolve each issue. The test ends when the user selects the wrong answer or completes all 20 questions.

  • Practice Mode questions are sorted by different topics. The user can choose them himself. There are 10 questions. The user can continue the test, even if he gives the wrong answer. All questions and answers will be displayed at the end of the workout.

7. Python Guide

Python Guide
  • This application is a quick guide for Python. The manual will be especially useful for beginners who want to learn the rules of Python syntax. The guide covers the basics of Python programming, so users will have enough knowledge to create some simple and productive application. The manual consists of the following topics: variables, conditions, functions, cycles, lists, strings, dictionaries.

8. Python Programming in a day

Python Programming in a day
  • Developers of the application advise us to skip long, complex books on Phyton. In order to learn how to program on Phyton 3.0 faster, they offer a short and concise application that will teach everything necessary for Phyton programming.

  • This book is written for people who do not have any knowledge in programming or are newcomers. She focuses on the most important concepts with examples.

9. Learn Python & Python Django

Learn Python & Python Django
  • This application finally differs from the previous ones in that it affects not only Python itself, but also Django. This is essentially an English language tutorial in Python and Django on the Udemy platform. Its content includes such topics as Python and Hello World, a review and history of Python, functions, classes, databases, modules, and packages, JSON, Django installation, admin interface, Django template language and others.

  • There are 18 lectures, Hour high-quality content, community, video and audio lectures, presentations, articles, you can save courses for offline viewing.

10. The Python Tutorial

The Python Tutorial
  • A collection of tutorials on Python 2 and 3. It will tell you about the history and philosophy of Python, how to install Python, work with numbers and strings in Python, the types of data and variables, functions, etc.


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